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 Big things are happening with Junior Golf in Ontario.

In years past, our Junior golfers had to go play in other tournaments to get noticed and to open opportunities for them in golf (such as golf scholarships, being on Ontario Jr. Golf Team, etc.) Playing in our tour (or any of the 10 Regional Jr. Golf Tours) didn’t help the better players get recognized. That’s why many of them stopped playing in the St. Lawrence Tour... they were too busy going to events in Ottawa, Toronto, etc., where they would get noticed. Now Golf Ontario (formerly Golf Association of Ontario) has done something to even the playing field for all Junior Golfers. They have developed a merit award ranking system. Here’s how it works. You must have a registered handicap with Golf Canada/Golf Ontario. If you join the St. Lawrence Tour again, we will send your name to Golf Ontario and they will put you on the list of Junior Golfers for merit points. Every time you play in one of our events (provided it meets the criteria set by Golf Ontario) we will send your score to them. Points are awarded for how you performed in each event. You can earn as much as 200 points by winning one of our events in your age division. Most importantly, if you are gaining merit points by doing well at several Junior Golf Tournaments, your name will become known by all those interested in supporting Junior Golfers. They’ll be looking at the Merit list and seeing which Juniors have the most points. To learn more about this new Merit Award system check the following 2 links:

NOTE: To qualify for this program GO has requested all players must submit a copy of their HEALTH CARD as proof of residency. As a result when you enter your first event for 2019 we need the following:

                                Age Divisions for 2019 Tournaments 

As at August 1st, 2019 Players must be:

(U19) Girls:
(U11) Atom Girls/Boys
(U13) Peewee Boys
(U15) (Bantam Boy
(U17) Juvenile Boys
(U19) Junior Boys

                                          Age Classifications

In keeping with Golf Canada, and  Golf Ontario, the cut-off date for the age classifications will be August 1st. for the current year.

Girls must be 18 years old or younger, Atom Boys/Girls (U11) must be 10 years old or younger, Peewee Boys (U13) must be 12 years old or younger, Bantam Boys (U15) must be 14 years old or younger, Juvenile Boys (U17) must be 16 years old or younger and Junior Boys (U19) must be 18 years old or younger on August 1st.