2017 Accumulated Merit Points


Merit Points  

The St. Lawrence Junior Golf Tour has decided to award merit points which are consistant with Golf Ontario, since we are now involved with there new program they initiated this year.We are a Regional Junior Tour Event (RJT) so our events are worth up to 200 points for 1st place, for each division. The points are weighted so different points are awarded by field size. The field sizes are  "10 and under",  "11 to 29", and "30 and over" As a result of this the winner will receive 200 points, but positions fron 2nd place and lower will receive different points depending what size the field is. A player finishing 5th for example would receive more merit points playing in a field of 11 to 29 than a player finishing 5th in a field of 10 and under .

For example a player finishing 5th with a field of 10 players and under will receive 60 merit points but would receive 132 merit points if the field was 11 to 29 and 140 points if the field was over 30. 


 Important Notice

Golfscoring.net is providing complementary scoring websites for recording all of our scores and merit points by event, and accumulated merit points year-to-date. The system will also keep track of each player indicating the number of events they have played as well as their scoring history, best gross score, and their average score. 

Best of all, scores will be recorded live at the event (whenever possible) so you can keep track of the results as soon as players complete their round. 

To look at the scoring just click on:      http://www1.golfscoring.net/sljgt 

When you click on the above link you will get a screen listing all of our Divisions. Just click on your division and the first thing you will see is our tour events and dates. You will also notice 4 tabs.  


  • Team represents the registry for that Divison. Click on any name for total events played, scoring record at each event, low gross score and average score
  • Low Gross Average Scoring for players who have played at least 2/3rds of the events
  • Average Score for the Division for each Event 


  • Leaderboard provides the Scores and Merit Points by event
  • Standings provides the Year-to Date Leader by Merit Points 

Live Scoring  

  • Allows us to show the Leader Board on a TV Screen if available during a event 

Statistics - Season 2017 

  • List of all players who have played, number of events played and their Gross Scoring Average. Click on any name for a player’s personal scoring page with their scoring history.  

Do you have friends in other age Divisions, well just click on their Division and see if they are telling you the truth. We hope you enjoy the new system. If you have any comments we would like to hear from you.  

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    Boys (U17)      
1   Roy Joe Trillium Woods   601.0
2   Beneteau Michael Camden/Loyalist   535.0
3   Birney Lance Dalewood   485.0
4   Johnston Ethan Trillium Woods   468.0
5   Kerr Matthew Black Bear Ridge   402.0
6   Meehan Aaron Trillium Woods   401.0
7   McCulloch Kohle Evergreen Golf Club   304.0
8   O'Mara Angus Cataraqui G.C.C.   302.0
9   Craig Murray Napanere G.C.   278.0
10   Lyon Cameron The Landings   200.0
11   McCulloch Bryson Cataraqui G.C.C.   160.0
12   Liam Casey The Landings   156.0
19   Cotie Emerson Cataraqui G.C.C.   140.0
13   Potter Brady Trillium Woods   128.0
14   Sager Matt The Landings   124.0
15   Gauveia Cole Cataraqui G.C.C.   120.0
16   Bancroft Dalton Bay of Quinte G. & C. C.   104.0
17   Beaubien Mitchel Amhersview Golf Club   96.0
17   McCarthy Jake The Landings   96.0
20   Dever Owen Roundel Glen   62.0
21   Carson Graeme The Landings   56.0
21   Kissick Brendan The Landings   56.0
23   Edwards Cole Loyalist G.C.C.   52.0
24   Dodd Connor Cataraqui/Landings   44.0
  Boys (U13)    
1 Webster Kendricks Bay of Quinte G. & C. C. 1335.0
2 Holmes Caden Napanee G.C. 1105.0
3 Grissom Hunter Dalewood Golf Club 795.0
4 Uens Cal Napanere G.C. 562.0
5 Hall Brady Cataraqui G.C.C. 370.0
6 Jarret Carter Renfrew 270.0
7 Woods Nathan Bay of Quinte G. & C. C. 240.0
8 Cranley Spencer Briar Fox Golf 216.0
9 Hulton Brad Amherstview G. C. 164.0
10 Carter Jarret Renfrew 155.0
11 Prophet Jack Bay of Quinte G. & C. C. 118.0
12 Ford Charlie The Landings G.C. 110.0
13 Ledrew Ty The Landings G.C. 108.0
14 Elvy Henri The Landings G.C. 98.0
15 Seed Brock Evergreen 96.0
16 Cowan Garrett The Landings G.C. 92.0
17 Dacosta Jakob Napanee G.C. 60.0
18 Pengelley Adam The Landings G.C. 56.0
19 Hendry Mathew Napanee G.C. 50.0
20 Cowan Declan The Landings G.C. 44.0
21 Kolff Carson Cataraqui G.C.C. 36.0
17   Simms Aleck Amhersview Golf Club 126.0