2018 Tee Times


The St. Lawrence Junior Golf Tour will not increase the Registration Fees for the 2018 Tour, and they will remain at $25.00. The registration fee will be Required before any player is allowed to compete in any 2018 Tour Event. It’s imperative when you attend your first event in 2018 you must pay your annual Registration Fees as well as the Event entry fee.

Players must book directly with the host club and the times will be the responsibility of the Host Club. Registration cut-off dates are at the discretion of the Host Club to allow  sufficient time to make the draw, and have it posted on the website. Late registrations will be considered. It is important you register early to avoid not being accepted. 


 Handicap Factors - 2018

The Handicap Factor is calculated using the best 10 of the player’s last 20 rounds and updated with each new round played. The Handicap Factor travels with the golfer from course to course and is adjusted up or down depending on the length and difficulty of the course played, resulting in a “Course Handicap”. The Course Handicap is the number of strokes a golfer receives from a specific set of tees at the course played and represents the number of strokes he would require to play equitably against a “scratch” golfer (a golfer with a Handicap Factor of “0.0′). The more difficult the golf course, the more strokes the golfer receives and vice versa. 

It is very important that you maintain and keep your Handicap Factor. If you are a member at a club – then this would probably be included in your membership fee. Check with your Club Professional or Junior Chairman. 

If you are not a member of a club – you can still keep a handicap. 

Go online to RCGA Network (golfcanada.ca) and join. There is a small fee involved – so make sure Mom and Dad are okay with this.  Once you join Golf Canada, you are automatically registered for the Golf Association of Ontario. 

Your valid Handicap Factor is needed to participate in the NET competitions at our events. 

If you do not have a valid Handicap Factor– then you can still play. You will be participating in the GROSS Division only. 

If you do not know how to get a Handicap Factor then please ask one of the St Lawrence Tour reps and we will be happy to help you get established. 

The St. Lawrence Jr. Golf Committee

Remember your Registration Fee $25.00 is due, and to bring your Health Card for your residency verification required by Golf Ontario 

Posting of Starting Times

Unlike previous years the tee times will not be posted on the website until the eve of the event. Because there have been so many late entries in previous years which resulted in several changes to the website, the Host Club will be advised to submit their final draw on the eve of the event, at which time the draw will be posted to the website.


Event 8 of  8 - Cataraqui Golf & C.C. 

Monday August 13th

1.00 pm Shotgun Start 


  Name Club Affiliation
Atoms (G/B 11U)
1A Holden Webster Bay of Quinte
1A Declan Cowan  
1B Nathan Castallerin  
Girls (U19)
2A Emily Calder The Landings
2A Madison Barber The Landings
3A Annie Anghelescu Cataraqui
3A Heather Craig Loyalist
Peewees (BU13)
4A Brock Seed Evergreen
4A Brae Rogalcyzk Calgary
4A Henri Elvy The Landings
4B Brady Hall Cataraqui
4B Owen Swaine The Landings
4B Carter Sedgewick The Landings
5A Charlie Ford The Landings
5A Ian Watts Cataraqui
5B Cal Uens Napanee
5B Spencer Cranley Briar Fox
5B Thomas Beneteau Camden Braes
Bantam (BU15)
6 Christopher Cameron The Landings
6 Evan Jamieson Cataraqui
6 Connor Ford The Landings
7A Matt Hendry Cataraqui
7A Aleck Simms Amherstview
7A Nathan Woods Bay of Quinte
7B Hunter Grissom Dalewood
7B Nolan Lalonde Cataraqui
7B Sam Forsyth Cataraqui
8 Caden Holmes Napanee
8 Cam Finn Cataraqui
8 Matt Murphy Cataraqui
9 Cameron Pero Picton
9 Daniel Abraha Cataraqui
9 Biraben, Justin The Landings
Juniors (BU19)
10 Bryson McCulloch Cataraqui
10 Ethan Johnson Trillium Woods
10 Michael Beneteau Camden Braes
11 Hunter Hicks The Landings
11 James Pero Picton
11 Trent Snider Cataraqui
12 Zeren Tuna Brockville
12 Aaron Meehan Trillium Woods
12 Cameron Lyon The Landings
13 Drew Samis The Landings
13 Matt Kerr Black Bear Ridge
13 Ryan Mclay Rivendell
Juveniles (BU17)
14 Alex Deszpoth The Landings
14 Matthew Maas The Landings
14 Joel Bartlett Brockville
15 Brady Potter Trillium Woods
15 Chris Kerr Black Bear Ridge
16 Hayden Underhill Cataraqui
16 Mitchell Beaubien Amherstview
16 Nick Zarichny Cataraqui
17 Luc Reeve The Landings
17 Nick Adair Cataraqui
17 Zain Pasquarella Cataraqui
18 Conor Gaudet Cataraqui
18 Curtis Meehan Trillium Woods
18 Khole McCulloch Evergreen
  Willock Brent  
  Boys (U19)