2018 Tee Times


 Handicap Factors - 2018

The Handicap Factor is calculated using the best 10 of the player’s last 20 rounds and updated with each new round played. The Handicap Factor travels with the golfer from course to course and is adjusted up or down depending on the length and difficulty of the course played, resulting in a “Course Handicap”. The Course Handicap is the number of strokes a golfer receives from a specific set of tees at the course played and represents the number of strokes he would require to play equitably against a “scratch” golfer (a golfer with a Handicap Factor of “0.0′). The more difficult the golf course, the more strokes the golfer receives and vice versa. 

It is very important that you maintain and keep your Handicap Factor. If you are a member at a club – then this would probably be included in your membership fee. Check with your Club Professional or Junior Chairman. 

If you are not a member of a club – you can still keep a handicap. 

Go online to RCGA Network (golfcanada.ca) and join. There is a small fee involved – so make sure Mom and Dad are okay with this.  Once you join Golf Canada, you are automatically registered for the Golf Association of Ontario. 

Your valid Handicap Factor is needed to participate in the NET competitions at our events. 

If you do not have a valid Handicap Factor– then you can still play. You will be participating in the GROSS Division only. 

If you do not know how to get a Handicap Factor then please ask one of the St Lawrence Tour reps and we will be happy to help you get established. The St. Lawrence Jr. Golf Committee

Remember your Registration Fee $25.00 is due, and to bring your Health Card for your residency verification required by Golf Ontario 

Unlike previous years the tee times will not be posted on the website until the eve of the event. Because there have been so many late entries in previous years which resulted in several changes to the website, the Host Club will be advised to submit their final draw on the eve of the event, at which time the draw will be posted to the website.   

 We Need Your Assistance

We do not have a full time photographer to take photos at our events for our Website. If you take any photos at our events, would you please email them to me,  jmcconkey3@cogeco.ca. I would need the name of the players, the event, and I will post on our website. If you have any pictures from our first 2 events they are welcomed. Depending on the response I may have to pick and choose. Your assistance would be appreciated 


  Cataraqui Invitational is MONDAY, AUGUST 13th, 2018

Cataraqui Invitational

Monday, August 13th, 2018 

Event Fee, $50.00


Due to only having 4 Juniors signed up as of today (August 4) we will NOT be doing a 1:00pm Shot Gun. 

Numbers are low and we may have to cancel the event due to low participation.  If you have any Juniors interested in playing please email the Proshop at proshop@cataraqui.com ASAP.  If we do not get enough participant we will be canceling the event.  Please sign up NO LATER THAN Tuesday, August 7th, 2018. 



Proshop:  613-546-5808 

Proshop Email:  proshop@cataraqui.com 

On a very serious issue, I have been advised by a very creditable person who is involved in the golfing profession, that there have been some players on the tour who are not reporting their proper scores, and in other cases balls are being slightly moved for a better lie. This is not the first time we have had background chatter about this problem, The philosophy of our tour is to provide some fun, be a competitive tour for Junior Golfers aged 10-19. It is an opportunity to develop your skills, play new courses, meet new friends, and develop your knowledge of the rules, and most important respect the rules of the game. You are not only cheating yourself but cheating other players who play the game by the rules.

The committee .00 am will be monitoring the final 3 tours, and if someone is found not playing by the rules tomorrow they will be disqualified from tomorrows event and possibly subject to disqualification for the final 2 events.   

The committee takes this issue very seriously and it cannot and will not be tolerated.  

                         Note: The Draw is closed Effective 9.00 am Saturday August 11th, 2018

2018 Cataraqui Junior Invitational

Monday, August 13th, 2018 12.00 noon


12:00 Meehan, Aaron Trillium Woods 0.6 U19 JUNIOR BLUE
  Gaudet, Conor Cataraqui 5.1 U19 JUNIOR BLUE
  Underhill, Hayden Cataraqui 1.9 U17 JUVENILE BLUE
12:09 Hussey, Aidan Barcovan 2.8 U17 JUVENILE BLUE
  Reeve, Luc The Landings 3.7 U17 JUVENILE BLUE
  Meehan, Curtis Trillium Woods 5.1 U17 JUVENILE BLUE
12:18 Robinson, Brayden The Landings 7.5 U17 JUVENILE BLUE
  Biraben, Justin The Landings 7.9 U17 JUVENILE BLUE
  Simms, Aleck Cataraqui 8.7 U17 JUVENILE BLUE
  Murphy, Matt Cataraqui 10.4 U17 JUVENILE BLUE
12:36 Hendry, Matthew Cataraqui 4.5 U15 BANTAM WHITE
  Pero, Cameron Picton 5 U15 BANTAM WHITE
  Uens, Cal Napannee 6.4 U15 BANTAM WHITE
12:45 Woods, Nathan Bay of Quinte 8.6 U15 BANTAM WHITE
  Watts, Ian The Landing 15.1 U15 BANTAM WHITE
12:54 Sedgewick, Carter The Landings 17.1 U15 BANTAM WHITE
  Ford, Connor Cataraqui 18.3 U15 BANTAM WHITE
1:12 Ford, Charlie Cataraqui 21.3 U15 BANTAM WHITE
  Hall, Brady Cataraqui 21.4 U15 BANTAM WHITE
  Detomasi, Jack Cataraqui NH U15 BANTAM WHITE
  Anghelescu, Annie Cataraqui 10.1 GIRLS GIRLS RED
1:21 Barber, Madison The Landings 5.3 GIRLS GIRLS RED
  Mueler, Carlee The Landings 13.1 GIRLS GIRLS GOLD
1:30 Cranley, Spencer Briar Fox 10.5 U13 PEEWEE GOLD
  Harnden Jacob Dalewood 14.9 U13 PEEWEE GOLD
  Crowley Aidan  Dalewood  NH U13  PEEWEE   
 1.48 Ledrew Ty The Landings 11.9 U13 PEEWEE GOLD
  Robinson, Tanner Dalewood 18.8 U13 PEEWEE GOLD
  Aide, Russell Trillium Woods 29.8 U13 PEEWEE GOLD
1:57 Simms Nolan Amherstview 41.3 (L) U13 PEEWEE GOLD
  Swaine, Owen The Landings NH U13 PEEWEE GOLD
  Stephen, Bode The Landings 31.1 U11 ATOM SC
2:06 Gallagher, Reid Garrison NH U11 ATOM SC
  Castallerin, Nathan Public Player NH U11 ATOM SC
2:15 Simms, Darwin Amherstview NH U11 ATOM SC
  Hussey, Cael Barcovan NH U11 ATOM SC