The St. Lawrence Junior Golf Tour is proud to have "  as our major sponsor. The Juniors really enjoy seeing the scores on the TV screen as they come in off the course, and in addition the players and parents can sign on to the system and see all the scores and merit points for each event by Age Divisions as well as accumulated merit points for the year and various statistics by Age Divisions. 



District Boundaries

Highway 45 north from Lake Ontario to Northumberland County Road 25; Northumberland County Road 25 south to Northumberland County Road 35; Northumberland County Road 35 east to Highway 30; Highway 30 north to Peterborough County Road 46; Peterborough County Road 46 north to Highway 504; Highway 504 north to Highway 620; Highway 620 north to Highway 62; Highway 62 north to L’amable; L’amable north to Highway 28; Highway 28 east to Highway 41; Highway 41 south to Highway 506; Highway 506 east to Highway 509; Highway 509 east to Frontenac County Road 36; Frontenac County Road 36 east to Lanark County Road 12; Lanark County Road 12 east to Lanark County Road 7; Lanark Couniy Road 7 south to Highway 511 (Balderson); Highway 511 south to Lanark County Road 1; Lanark County Road 1 east to Highway 15; Highway 15 south to Leeds-Grenville County Road 5; Leeds-Grenville County Road 5 south to the St. Lawrence River; St. Lawrence River to Lake Ontario; Lake Ontario shoreline west to Highway 45