St. Lawrence Junior Golf Tour Rules

Remember the rules
no power carts

Players must walk at all times. They may use pull carts. Powered carts and the use of caddies by tournament contestants is prohibited. (excludes Atom Division)

Age Classification

In keeping with Golf Canada, and the Golf Ontario (GO), the cut-ff date for the age classifications will be August 1st. for the current year.

On August 1st of the current year Girls must be 18 years old or younger, Atoms (U11) (boys and/or girls) must be 10 years old or younger, Peewee Boys (U13) must be 12 years old or younger, Bantam Boys (U15) must be 14 years old  or younger, Juvenile Boys (U17) must be 16 years old or younger. and Junior Boys (U19) must be 18 years old or younger.

If a player requests to compete in a Division that is above their own age classification, he/she will still accumulate merit points in their Division, but they must play from the tees of the higher age Division, not the tees of their age Division.

If a player is required by the tour to play in a higher age Division due to the draw situation, he/she will accumulate merit points in their age Division, and play from the tees of their age Division. 

Tour Age Verification 

The St. Lawrence Junior Golf Tour will use the OHIP Health Card for verifing a players residence. 


Handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer's potential playing ability based on the tee played for a given course. In stroke play, it is used to calculate a net score from the number of strokes actually played during a competition, thus allowing players of different proficiency to play against each other on somewhat equal terms. The higher the handicap of a player, the poorer the player is relative to those with lower handicaps. "Official" handicaps are administered by golf clubs with regional and national golf associations providing additional peer reviewing for low and very low handicaps respectively. Amateur golfers who are members of golf clubs are generally eligible for "official" handicaps on payment of the prevailing regional & national association annual fees.  

Since the St. Lawrence Junior Golf Tour award prizes for each event on both gross and net scores, all handicaps must be validated. All players who maintain handicaps are responsible to enter all their scores (not just tournament scores) on the GAO handicap system. If you are a member of a golf club, in most cases your membership fee would include the GAO fees, and they would in most cases also have the facilities to enter your score at your club. If you are a Membership player who did not have the GAO fees included in your membership, or a Public Player who does not have a membership you can register with the GAO for a modest fee, which will give you  access to input your scores to determine your handicap. It is a simple handicap system to use.

Any player who opts out of maintaining a valid handicap, will play in the gross Division and be eligible for gross score prizes only.

Merit Point System 

The Merit Point system (effective 2014) replaces the Mock Money system, which was used for many years. Golf Associations use the merit point system, thus when our players compete in other events they will be familiar with the Merit Point system. The system for the St. Lawrence Junior Golf Tour will be for each age classification for each event and are cumulative for the year end age classification Tour winners.

Effective for 2016 the Merit Point system has been changed, and is available in the Tour Date section.

Measuring Devices

A player may determine distance information by using a device that measures distance only. Players must be aware if the device also measures wind speed, direction etc. the penalty is disqualification (Rule 14-3) whether the other functions besides distance are being used or not. 

Maximum Stroke Count 

If a player “Triple Pars” (ie., 9 on a par 3, 12 on a par 4, or 15 on a par 5), he/she must notify their marker, pick up their ball and proceed to the next  hole. 

Suspended Play 

If play is suspended for rain or for any other reason by the host club and play is not resumed,

Stroke  Play

  • If 18 holes have not been completed by all players, then the total score for the first nine holes will be declared the winner providing all players in the tournament have completed nine holes.


  • If 18 holes have not been completed by all players, then the total score for nine holes will be declared the winner providing all players in the tournament have completed nine holes. The total score for the first nine holes from the tee the player started his/her shot gun round will be the official score.

If all players have not completed nine holes, in stroke or shotgun the tournament will be cancelled, and all efforts will be made to reschedule a new tournament date.  

Other Information 

All players must register at each tournament at the registration desk. Score cards will be distributed to contestants at the starting tee, and must be exchanged with the players within their group.. Players must sign and attest their score cards  before they are turned in at the scoring table, and all players must remain seated at the scorers table until released by the scoring official. 

Junior Code of Conduct

All participants are guests at the host Golf Club. Both Junior Girls and Boys must wear appropriate golf attire at all times while at the facility. Junior Boy's shirts must have sleeves and collars (mock necks also acceptable) and be tucked in with proper shorts or slacks. Junior Girl's must have shirts with collars and /or sleeves. Bermuda style shorts or golf skirts of a respectable length are acceptable.

Gym shorts, cut-offs, track suits, sweat suits, jeans, halter tops or tube tops are not permitted.

Soft spiked golf shoes must be worn at all times. Proper attire is required in order to appropriately represent St. Lawrence Junior Golf Tour and our sponsors. Improper attire may result in a player not being allowed to compete. 

Use of tobacco, drugs, alcoholic beverages, or betting by contestants during any tournament, is strictly prohibited. Violators will be disqualified.

Players who use profanity or throw their golf equipment during any tournament could result in a warning or disqualification by the Rules Committee. A second warning at the same event or another event by the Rules Committee could result in suspension from future Tournament events.  

Spectator Rules 

No caddies allowed
No advising/coaching or assisting players
Spectators must remain 30 yds. from the players when possible
Between nines, free to provide food and/or drinks to the players
Spectators in carts (when allowed by the Host Club) must follow cart rules and sign
Spectators are encouraged to forecaddie and spot errant balls
Do not offer advice on rules or rulings. Juniors should work this out themselves or call for an official
Ensure all cell phones are on vibrate mode 

Breach of these Policies

  • Verbal warning from Committee
  • Two (2) stroke penalty to Participant
  • Spectator will be asked to leave the course
  • Disqualification of Participant
  • Ban Participant / Spectator from future events